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October, 1982      

·       A 14 year old girl is hit in a shooting spree in Pulaski

·       The Seaway is backed up for days when a freighter gets stuck near Wellesley Island

·       One of the first big car dealerships on Outer Washington Street closes

·       Plus a man drains all the fuel at the Watertown Airport in a dispute with the city, and a big day at Fort Drum

And music from The Alan Parsons Project, Neil Diamond, The Who, Jackson Browne, Melissa Manchester, Survivor & More

 Plus April, 1982



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A Full Hour of Bruce Springsteen 04/13/14

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3


April, 1976 Airdate 04/06/14

Segment 1: The Electric Building demolition causes problems for the YWCA, and A strike causes a Budweiser shortage, plus music from The Bellamy Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, The Carpenters, and The Silver Convention.

Segment 2: The Presidential Primaries, and moon Candy sold by a Watertown Church contains razors, plus music from The Rolling Stones and Peter Frampton.

Segment 3The Death of Howard Hughes, and from 90 degrees to snow within one week, plus music from Gary Wright, Captain & Tennille, The Bay City Rollers, and Barry Manilow.


April Fool's Day Special 2014 Airdate 03/30/14

Segment 1: Novelty songs from Napoleon XIV, Bobby Pickett, Brian Hyland, and The Royal Guardsmen

Segment 2: Silly songs from Ray Stevens, Randy Newman, and Cheech & Chong

Segment 3Novelty songs from The Simpsons, Bob & Doug Mackenzie, and Weird Al Yankovic.


A Full Hour of Paul Rodgers Airdate 03/23/14

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3


March, 1991 Airdate 03/16/14

Segment 1: A Watertown native is recognized for his work on the Nuremberg Trials, and tests for the new High Definition Television, plus music from Cathy Dennis, Stevie B, and Bad Company.

Segment 2: Movies (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, The Silence of the Lambs), and The Thompson Park Zoo asks to start charging admission, plus music from The Law and The Black Crowes.

Segment 3New cable channels in Watertown, and Fort Drum soldiers return home after the Gulf War, plus music from Simple Minds, Gloria Estefan, The Rembrandts, and Rod Stewart.


40 Years Ago, March 9, 1974 Airdate 03/09/14

Segment 1: Boaters rescued near Clayton, OPEC ends the oil embargo, and the Movies, plus songs #13- 11, including Redbone, Elton John, and Blue Swede.

Segment 2The Final TV Episodes of several shows, HoJo's, Ray John, Jonboy's, and The Lion's Den, plus songs #10 - 6, including James Taylor & Carly Simon, John Denver, and Paul McCartney & Wings.

Segment 3: An armed Robbery at Camp Drum, A Strike at the Air Brake, Hank Aaron closes in, and Polar Bear Week for Girl Scouts at Camp Trefoil, plus songs #5 - 1, including Cher, David Essex, Jim Stafford, and Terry Jacks.


June, 1979 Airdate 03/02/14

Segment 1: A soldier steals a trooper's car and is involved in a fatality, and Alexandria Bay tries to deal with the rowdies, plus music from John Stewart, Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, and Rickie Lee Jones.

Segment 2: Movies (Moonraker, Rocky 2, Alien), and siphoning gas sparks a massive garage fire, plus music from KISS and Gerry Rafferty.

Segment 3A high school band visiting Watertown lose their instruments, and Kite Day 1979 featuring Wirlwind, plus music from Anita Ward, Rex Smith, Bad Company, and Billy Joel.


A Full Hour of Boston Airdate 02/23/14

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3


25 Years Ago, February 16, 1989 Airdate 02/16/14

Segment 1: An 11 year old is on trial for murder, The Soviets leave Afghanistan, Benny's, Top Secret, Bonnie & The Late Show, plus songs #12- 9, including Def Leppard, Ann Wilson & Robin Zander, and Rick Astley.

Segment 2Movies, Taxi Classes, and West Carthage Police pulled from duty, plus songs #8 - 6, including White Lion, and Debbie Gibson.

Segment 3: The Pan Am 103 investigation, April Sargent 2nd in Nationals, and "Super Mario Brothers 2" goes on sale in Watertown, plus songs #5 - 1, including Tone Loc, Sheriff, Bon Jovi, and Paula Abdul.


Power Ballads for Valentine's Day Airdate 02/09/14

Segment 1: Motley Crue, Harry Neilsson, Eric Carmen, and Alice Cooper

Segment 2: KISS, Heart, and Bryan Adams

Segment 3Cinderella, Ozzy, The Pretenders, and The Scorpions.


February, 1987 Airdate 02/02/14

Segment 1: The Theresa Water Leak and a Famous Dogsledder from Hammond is on "Good Morning America", plus music from Greg Allman, The Beastie Boys, and Peter Gabriel.

Segment 2: "The Cancer Nobody Talks About" on WWNY-TV, and James Wright appointed Jefferson County Administrator, plus music from REO Speedwagon and Genesis.

Segment 3Plans for a new Playground designed by kids unveiled in Clayton, and the D.E.C. in Glen Park researching bats, plus music from Expose, Huey Lewis & The News, Corey Hart, and Cinderella.


A Full Hour of Pearl Jam & Stone Temple Pilots Airdate 01/26/14

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3


January, 1975 Airdate 01/19/14

Segment 1: A Home Invasion in Mexico, and Governor Hugh Carey's first budget, plus music from Gloria Gaynor, The Doobie Brothers, and Carl Douglas.

Segment 2: Disaster at the Movies, and is the Jefferson County Office Building jinxed, plus music from Elton John and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Segment 3: The Watertown Red & Black join the Empire Football League, and Peanut the Chihuahua saves his family, plus music from Jethro Tull, George Harrison, Linda Ronstadt, and Barry Manilow.


30 Years Ago, January 12, 1984 Airdate 01/12/14

Segment 1: A drowning in the Indian River, No Heat for Phelps Apartments, and the Movies, plus songs #10- 8, including Billy Joel, Jump in the Saddle, and Culture Club.

Segment 2The Top Ten TV shows, Frog Legs, Tough Luck, Lovestreet, and X-Men, plus songs #7 - 5, including Matthew Wilder, The Romantics, and Olivia Newton John.

Segment 3: MJ gets burned in a viedo shoot, Emerson Place Fire leaves 9 homeless, a new building for General Brown, and Steve Jobs introduces the Apple MacIntosh, plus songs #4 - 1, including Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney, Hall & Oates, Duran Duran, and Yes.


A Full Hour of Paul McCartney Airdate 01/05/14

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3


25 Years Ago, December 15, 1988 Airdate 12/15/13

Segment 1: The Ben Franklin fire in Clayton, Soldiers treated for exposure, Clarkson student rescued from the Racquette, and the top ten TV shows, plus songs #12 - 11, including Michael Jackson and Will to Power.

Segment 2The Movies, New Indian River School, Old Stone Row revitalized, and the last 10th Activation, plus songs #10 - 6, including Guns n' Roses, Al Green & Annie Lennox, and The Bangles.

Segment 3: Bands, Bars, Adult Roller Skating, and a week of disasters, plus songs #5 - 1, including Duran Duran, Bobby Brown, Chicago, and Poison.


December, 1993 Airdate 12/08/13

Segment 1: A pistol was found on a Gouverneur school bus, and the bitter holiday storm of '93, plus music from Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, and Gabrielle.

Segment 2: Transgender Teena Brandon murdered in Nebraska, and the Bonnie Castle Recreation Center is closed for events, plus music from Bryan Adams and Meatloaf.

Segment 3: A camel is born at the Thompson Park Zoo, and the 10th Mountain Division is home from Somalia just in time for Christmas, plus music from Michael Bolton, Eric Clapton, Haddaway and Mariah Carey.



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